About Collaboration Software Partners, LLC

At Collaboration Software Partners, LLC, we recognize and champion the organizational importance of human capital management (HCM), focusing on the need to provide specific competencies: workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization. Our company was founded on a passion to provide a more personalized, collaborative HCM partnership with organizations.

At CSP,  we have built our company and practices on these beliefs in order to serve our clients in the most productive and financially sound capacity possible. We uphold in the strictest practice our values - Solutions, Integrity, and Transparency to the highest level, all while putting our client relationships and requirements ahead of all else.

To support our clients' every need, our team brings more than 40 years of HCM Sales & Management experience, combined with over 30 years of HR Strategic & Operational expertise.

Our Team

Mike Latini


(678) 897-9275



Mary Otto

Chief Operations Officer



Catherine Bowman

VP, Implementation & Delivery