Channel Partners

When you partner with Collaboration Software Partners, LLC, you gain a valuable resource that understands the trends impacting your clients today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Our HCM Consultants deliver unique insight to not only help your clients learn, but also strategize on the latest payroll and HR trends. Whether you're a benefit broker, financial adviser, TPA, worker's compensation broker, or wholesaler, we're here to guide your clients through today's modern workforce, utilizing award-winning technology.

Protect your Clients' Valuable Resources - Its People

While other payroll and HR companies are busy competing against you, we focus on working with you. Combining your services, our platform that enhances your clients' role is vital to attracting and retaining business.

Access within a Secure Login to your Clients' Secure Instance

With our powerful HCM instance, you'll have a single sign in access to relevant information about your clients' business, guiding your team to make strategic decisions on plan design and adviser activities.

Benefit from Our Partner's Innovative Technology Solutions

Leveraging our technology is an important aspect to providing clients with solutions that address their daily challenges and organizational initiatives. With CSP, you'll have a solution to help you meet your clients' requirements.

Offer a Competitive Advantage

The days of relying on a service model as your only key differentiator have vanished.

Get Open API Integrations 

You will give your clients the business choice to choose from a host of vendors to create a unique solution that truly fits their needs with a variety of 180° and 360° integrations.