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7 New Features You Should Know About

Posted by Amber Walton on Apr 8, 2021 11:55:41 AM

All good things can become greater. Our HCM solution has been fitted with the latest and greatest tech to help advance your business’ HR management. Here are the latest upgrades to our system.


Managing documents can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even our Company Documents page can be a little confusing, so we updated it. The page can now be converted from a table into a report. This will allow you to search for the documents you need using standard reporting features and streamlining your business’s document organization. So, the next time you need to update a document like your Employee Handbook, you will be able to find what you need quickly. You can also now add your company documents to a widget on the homepage dashboard to provide your employees with quicker access to information they need.


You work hard to make sure that your company follows COVID-19 guidelines. With your employees coming back to the workplace, you can leverage our Attestation solution. It will request answers to questions about symptoms, potential contact, and more. Before the questions were set to trigger a punch on desktop and mobile devices. Now restricted punches can be triggered on InTouch clocks as well.


Oftentimes employees are required to present documentation when requesting time off. From weddings to hospitalization, time off requests depend on the proper documents being submitted. However, thanks to our upgrade, your employees can attach the proper paperwork directly to their time off request. You can specify which types of time off require documentation, and then access that documentation both from time off reports and directly from the employee’s timesheet.


When you’re onboarding new employees, checklists are a necessary part of the process. No checklist fits every new hire, but our newest enhancement allows you to customize content specific to the new hire. You can now customize the onboarding experience and incorporate specific videos, images, links, and more based on your new employee’s role, location, etc. This will create an engaging, unique, and enhanced onboarding for each new employee. 


Our Performance Management module has also been upgraded. The latest enhancement has made it so that employees can see the feedback they were given anonymously, if you choose to do so. You can also determine whether or not the peer feedback is input or part of their performance review. This way you can provide your employees with more well-rounded and valuable feedback.


Payroll admins: you know how challenging it can be when an employee has several different roles within your company. Multiple roles equal multiple pay rates, depending on what the employee was doing that day. Our update has added a column to the rate table import so you can include change reason codes on each specific rate. It also includes the changes in the job changes history report. Not only does this save time and provide greater reporting capabilities, but it also provides visibility to the changes that were made.


A new widget has been added to the Timesheet Profile where you can configure timesheet metrics to easily access an overview of timesheet data. You can add Accrual, Counter, Exception, and Time Entry based metrics to easily view, edit, and modify timesheets. Timesheet metrics that are enabled will be displayed for users to view from their timesheets in a static metrics bar at the top of their timesheet for a quick snapshot of important time-based information. 

The above are just a few of the incredible updates our system has made to make managing your workforce even easier. To learn about more of our solution updates, please visit and schedule a demo.

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