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Boost Your Employer Brand With HCM

Posted by Amber Walton on Jan 28, 2021 11:46:30 AM

Attracting top talent can be difficult. And while you struggle, your candidates’ first impression of your company consists of slow replies and submitting the same documents over and over again. Build a better candidate experience and grow your employer brand with our Talent Acquisition module.

The Workforce Ready Talent Acquisition is not just for finding and hiring the best candidates. Its numerous features create a fluid and intuitive experience, building your company’s reputation and attracting high quality candidates. Our solution reinforces your brand by allowing you to create a career webpage, where candidates can search openings, upload resumes, and apply online. Applicants can easily navigate configurable job applications, in their language of choice, with standard or custom fields that can be optional or required. You can even include customized messages to guide candidates as they complete the online application process. The system parses key data from an applicant’s resume, such as contact information, work history, and education and auto-populates the application. This alleviates the frustration candidates feel when repeatedly entering information. And candidates can do all of this from their mobile device or web browser.

It is crucial that you reduce the amount of time it takes to hire a candidate. You can customize pre-screening or knockout questions to eliminate applicants and keep the hiring process moving. Our system also allows you to send automated notifications so applicants know that you have received their application. We even offer email templates to make it easier to communicate with candidates, so they remain informed and engaged. The Talent Acquisition module seamlessly integrates with iCalendar to make scheduling interviews quick, while also giving you the ability to keep track of notes throughout the entire process. 

To keep the momentum going, the Talent Acquisition module seamlessly transitions from candidate to new hire through Onboarding, making the new hire process easier and quicker for you and your employees. You can also fully integrate this experience into every day widgets and favorites for employee self-service.

Building your employer brand on your own will take time that could be focused on other things. Our HCM solution will make the hiring process easier for you and more engaging for your applicants. To learn more about attracting high quality candidates, visit us at

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