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FMLA Administration - Simplifying with HCM

Posted by Amber Walton on Feb 10, 2021 11:44:10 AM

Handling FMLA can be time-consuming and tedious, which can lead to compliance risk and potentially costly mistakes. Break the cycle; manage FMLA quicker and easier with our Leave Manager module. 

The Family & Medical Leave Act provides 12 weeks of unpaid job protected leave if you, your spouse, parent, or child develops a serious health condition. The Workforce Ready Leave Manager application reduces the impact leaves of absence have on your organization. It’s also completely customizable, making the administration of FMLA easier and less time-consuming. 

Your company is unique, so our system allows you to create rules that are specific to your organization and you can modify or delete these rules that automatically determine employee eligibility. The module also has the capability of rolling off FMLA taken more than 12 months ago, so the employee’s entitlement balance is always current. Our system offers you the choice of continuous, intermittent, or intermittent weekdays and allows you to generate time entries based on specific schedules required by the FMLA certification document. If an employee returns from leave early, you can easily remove those entries and return the employee to their regular schedule with no hassle. Our HCM solution makes it easy to view and edit FMLA cases, giving you the ability to upload documents and notes so you can stay up to date and maintain compliance. 

More and more frequently, individual states are expanding leave provisions, so our solution allows you to build profiles that incorporate your company’s local requirements. Within these profiles, you can choose the right categories that best fit a specific leave case, including the ability to run multiple leave types concurrently. You can also assign these different profiles to different populations of your workforce to innately manage local leave laws. 

The system automatically updates the U.S Department of Labor FMLA forms to ensure that you maintain compliance. You can populate and submit these forms with a few clicks of a button. Even after these forms have been sent out, you can save them so you and your employees can have immediate access to them. 

The Leave Manager also allows you to create complex workflows, allowing the employee or the HR administrator to initiate a leave case, then proceed through a single or multi-level approval process. You can build in multiple notifications and checklists into your workflow to ensure that the leave process follows your internal requirements, while maintaining compliance and communication. You can configure notifications to populate when an employee’s entitlement is soon to be exhausted, has already been exhausted, or has exceeded the parameters of your rules. 

Our Leave Manager is an easy-to-use eligibility tool at both the employee and administrative level that provides real-time access to information for any configured Leave of Absence, like FMLA. Visit to schedule a demo and watch our Leave Manager work its magic. 

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