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How Our HCM Reporting Works for You

Posted by Amber Walton on Mar 11, 2021 11:38:21 AM

Managing reports is one of the most important tasks that HR managers deal with and one of the most mind-numbing. While most HCM systems offer a reporting module, our solution provides you with a system with reporting capabilities throughout it. Below are a few ways that show how advanced our reporting system is. 


Most systems will allow you to preview but not access the entire report without downloading, but with our solution you can create, edit, view, and share your reports directly within the system interface. How you view these reports can be customized to fit your needs, allowing you to sort and filter to view the exact data you need without exporting it and manipulating the data externally.

Many of the views in the system are interactable reports that you can perform functions related to the data directly from the report view. For example, you can edit and schedule deductions and earnings from the report view, and even mass edit scheduled deductions for multiple employees. Because it’s built into the report view, you have the ability to take advantage of the filter and sort functions to find only the employees who need adjustments, rather than sifting through each individual employee. 

If you do need to export the report, you can select different formats, including CSV, Excel, HTML, Google Sheets, etc. Our solution lets you choose the columns that you don’t want to be exported, change font size, layout, add page breaks, and change the display format.


The reports in our system are completely customizable, giving you the ability to add, move, and remove columns that capture the specific data needed. You can rename columns, reformat numbers, currency, time, etc., and create custom filters down to specific groups of employees. Custom columns allow you to build expressions, functions, constants, and more, so you can easily report important data.

This allows you to create unique custom reports, so you can do things like customize a 401k report so that it aligns with your carrier’s file specifications.


After customizing your reports, you can save these views to be rerun or set as your default on each report-driven page within the system. You can easily toggle between saved views, or access these saved reports directly from your own report repository - My Saved Reports. You can share your saved reports with anyone in your organization, who has similar security access, directly through the system, avoiding the need to email reports back and forth. 

Your saved reports can also be scheduled to deliver with payroll submission. Payroll Managers often use this to keep track of important payroll reports, including payroll registers, funding reports, and retirement plan transactions.

The system has a feature that allows you to send scheduled emails to certain people or email addresses containing chosen reports with a customizable format. This can be configured to send daily, weekly, monthly, on the last day of the quarter, etc.


Are you tired of taking reports, downloading them, and creating a chart out of the information manually? Our HCM solution offers an interactive report view that can change reported information into charts and graphs, quickly and without leaving the system. These charts will also reflect new and updated information automatically. The system allows you to choose any type of chart or graph to showcase your data. You can also save your reports and charts to your dashboard so you can view pertinent information as soon as you login.

Make editing and creating reports less of a hassle. Our HCM solution will make reporting easier and more efficient. To see our reporting system at work, schedule a demo with our team at

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