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Product Spotlight - Attestation

Posted by Amber Walton on May 13, 2021 11:27:11 AM

Our Attestation module has steadily grown in popularity over the past year. Rightfully so, since the tool specializes in reducing risk, compliance, and creating a better work environment overall. Below are some of the ways that our Attestation module can help your organization. 


Every state has their own break time regulations and sometimes the cities within these states have their rules too. How can your HR team sort through all of them and remain compliant? Our Attestation program will identify, track, and automate the requirements through our HCM solution. 

While automation is a key feature to SaaS solutions, capturing exceptions is necessary too. With Attestation, employers can configure specific questions for various groups of employees based on specific requirements or policies. Depending on the answer, your company can then add a workflow to inform the manager or HR and even automate a meal penalty or other automatic allowances per statutory requirement. 


Hours worked and compensable time are a continuous battle as scheduling laws and guaranteed minimum requirements are passed throughout the U.S. Our solution simplifies your approval process by triggering pop-ups and email notifications when it’s time to submit timesheets. The Attestation module takes it a step further. It allows your business to ask employees a specific, customizable question to help ensure appropriate workflows are followed.

With each answer, a separate subset of questions is asked. In certain jurisdictions, the answers to these questions are vital as they help ensure your company's compliance with regulations and also demonstrate your cultural intent toward compliance.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adjust to the new normal, and the well-being of your  employees is certainly at the forefront of your mind. You can leverage the Attestation solution to check in on the well-being of your employees. It’s very important to keep a pulse on how your employees are doing. Studies have shown that workplaces with happier, more engaged employees have lower turnover rates and less employee burnout. The Attestation solution can be used to engage with your employees and to provide insight into how things are going. 

The Attestation solution, while traditionally intended to capture employee time management compliance, has been in high demand recently and has seen several improvements. From gathering health check responses to promoting engagement, your company can innovatively use the Attestation solution to drive business improvements. To learn more about the Attestation module, visit us at

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