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Tax Management Solutions to Fit Your Business

Posted by Amber Walton on Mar 31, 2021 11:13:19 AM

The first quarter is coming to an end and that means filing taxes. CSP can help you file your company’s taxes in a time-efficient manner. Based on your company’s preference and business needs, we offer three options for tax management: Full Tax Management Service, Partial Service, and Client Managed. 

While each option has a different level of support, the CSP team is always ready to help set up your tax configuration in our HCM platform, no matter what option you choose. W-2s and 1099s will be directly populated within the system, so it will be the ultimate source of employee information. You can choose whether or not to have these forms printed and shipped to you or to print them yourself. 


Our Full Tax Service is for clients who are currently wasting time and resources on filing and correcting taxes. For better results, CSP is given Power of Attorney so that we have the ability to remit payments, interact with tax agencies on your behalf, and file your tax returns. We also manage your rate updates, year end agency filings, and notice resolution. With our Full Tax Service, you are given access to powerful, built-in calculation tools, our expert compliance program, and our experienced and knowledgeable Payroll Tax Specialist. 


The Partial Tax Service is for companies that want to handle most of their payroll tax tasks, while still having the CSP team assist when needed. Once you submit your payroll, CSP extracts the data and sends it to our tax management compliance partner. This populates your tax liability due dates and creates the tax agency ACH files so you can remit payment. We also create signature ready returns for you to verify, edit, and file (with the exception of monthly filings and wage reports). The returns can be e-filed by you directly or they can be signed and mailed to the agency. 


If you prefer to fully manage your own taxes, the Client Managed option is perfect for you. Our HCM solution offers detailed payroll and tax reporting, that you can pull by payroll, by month, by quarter, and by year for your entire workforce or at the employee level. To pull associated taxable wages, taxes withheld, and employer tax liabilities, these reports can be found with filters that can pull specific tax codes, jurisdiction, etc. When you choose this method, you still have access to our team for guidance on anything from taxes and rates to system configuration. 

No matter which option you choose, CSP will be there to help you. To learn more or schedule a demo of our solutions, visit our website at

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