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Managing Time Off with an HCM System

Posted by Amber Walton on Jul 23, 2020 10:46:04 AM


Your employees need breaks and time off to stay engaged, healthy, and productive. It is for this reason that organizations like yours provide paid time off (PTO) through vacation, holidays, personal, and sick time. Time off is a benefit crucial for attracting and retaining talented employees; however, the manual tracking of time off accruals is time consuming and prone to errors. The time and effort that comes with manual calculations, paper or spreadsheet-based recordkeeping, and responding to employee inquiries place an administrative burden on HR and managers.

When time off accruals are improperly tracked managers can easily approve time off that has not been earned by the employee. Inaccurate tracking creates scheduling issues which negatively impact productivity and service. And if your state’s law mandates a terminated employee is due a payout of earned but unused time off, inaccurate time off tracking can add up and hurt your company’s bottom line. These are just a few of the burdens and challenges that are associated with managing your accruals manually that can be easily resolved by using HCM software.

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